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Our mission is to advocate for the adoption of the PHIUS+ 2015 standard in the greater Austin, TX area through education, governmental petition, and targeted industry efforts.
— Passive House Austin (PHAUS)

A Message From Passive house Austin (PHAUS) President, Eric Griffin

Passive House Austin Eric Griffin

Austin is an intelligent, thoughtful, vibrant and progressive city that in many ways has lead the nation in local energy efficiency standards and high performance construction.  However, engaging the community and creating a Passive House culture in a hot and humid climate has been a challenge. As conventional dialogue for high performance buildings has focused on heating dominated climates with minimal consideration of hot and humid climates with substantial cooling loads, the old Passive House standard was a non-starter for the design and construction leaders in our market.  Thankfully, PHIUS released the PHIUS+2015 building standard, which has reinvigorated our chapter. There's finally a climate zone appropriate, economically justified, performance based reason to re-think your perception of Passive House. We all understand that thoughtful design and implementation of building science principles is imperative for successful outcomes for owners and occupants in humid climates, finally there's a Passive House organization that does, too. 

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See what the National group is doing

See what the National group is doing

Passive House Alliance Austin is the proud host and founder of the Humid Climate Conference.

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